Discourse 1232 – The Islamization of Europe.


The Prophet Mohammed, the Koran, the Bible and true Christianity. (A "Lies" action1) for Muslims)     discourse 123

Syrian born Islamic expert Laila Mirzo in an interview with the weekly journal "Wochenblick" about the true goals and real effects of Islam in Europe

This interview has unfortunately only been recorded in German. But the text has been translated, and you have the option of reading the interview here below. Or alternatively, if you click on the white bar "Listen all" at the top left of the page, you can hear the text read aloud.


We are talking today to Laila Mirzo. First of all our warmest thanks that you have been able to find time for us.

No problem.

You come from Syria, you are widely regarded as a connoisseur of Islam and you have been tirelessly warning us of the danger of Islamization. Why actually do you think we need a warning?

I think that any half rational thinking person who takes an interest in Islam, who has read something of the Koran, would be inclined to warn of the danger. Above all when the Salafist ideology is penetrating Islamic societies at present like a cancerous growth, and gaining in influence all the time. Even moderate Muslims, who want to live in a modern Islam that conforms with European culture, are being placed under massive pressure. We can’t have Austrian children in schools being abused as pig eaters. We can’t have women without the headscarf being seen as free game. This is already enough to make me deeply concerned.

Our society is based on humanism and on Christian values. Europe defines itself by democracy, by the rule of law, by equal rights between men and women, and all this is in massive collision with Islam. Islam wants the Sharia, it does not accept any laws made by human beings. People need to know that for the Islamic community the supreme goal is to spread Islam through the entire world. There aren’t any ifs and buts about it. And there isn’t any room for other religions or other models of society either. – This is already enough to justify a very critical view. And now above all, with the wave of refugees, where a million immigrants with a Muslim background have entered Europe, this can put enormous strains on social equilibrium. Many of these immigrants have a very backward philosophy of life, but at the same time Islamic associations are calling for increasing codetermination and political involvement. This makes me very worried.

What does the concrete danger of Islamization represent, what could be the end result?

Well, it isn’t hard to do the sums. Just in view of the number of immigrants with a Muslim background – above all when you count the families who come to join them – the Muslim percentage of the population is significantly on the increase. And of course it becomes controversial when you look at the number of children in these families. At the same time it is a fact that the birth rate in Europe is stagnant, or even negative – at present it’s around 1.5 children per head, per woman – and at the same time for many Muslim families it is a religious obligation to bring as many children into the world as possible.

Just lately President Erdogan of Turkey urged his people to have as many children as they can. He spoke out against birth control, and even condemned it as un-Islamic. Salafist preachers too have long been arguing in favor of the "birth rate jihad". This means that the Muslims should overtake the Christians by sheer weight of numbers, and then conquer Europe just because they are more prolific. In view of the continuing influx of Muslim immigrants to Europe, it is not a question of whether Islam is going to change the picture of society, but of when it is going to happen. And here I am wondering what happens when they have parliamentary majorities – when they have been voted in quite legitimately, and can have an influence in shaping legislation.

I see another danger of Islamization in the influence being exercised by Turkey and Saudi Arabia. These countries run their own kindergartens, mosques and cultural associations. Salafist ideas and foreign ideologies are being imported and encouraged. This constitutes a problem.

And is Islam essentially missionizing, or is this just the interpretation of a handful of radicals?

In the Koran it is written: "Fight the unbelievers until there is no more civil war and the whole world believes in Allah." For me, that is an unmistakable message. The goal of Islam is world dominion. There aren’t any ifs and buts. Radicals who believe in the Koran actually see peaceful coexistence between Muslims and unbelievers as undesirable. In the Koran it says that Muslims should not have friendships with Jews or Christians. This means their motto is: "Them or us, with us or against us". Islamic ideology is an apartheid system which divides humanity into the believers and the unbelievers. On one side we have the Muslim community – "the best congregation on earth", as the Koran says. And on the other side we have the unbelievers, who are described by the Koran as "worse than the beasts".

And are you seeing an expansion of Islamic customs and rituals in Austria or in Europe? For example, you have published an article in our journal on the subject of female circumcision, and child marriage is also something you refer to frequently.

Well, of course I’m not in a position to judge what is going on behind closed doors. In Austria there have hardly been any statistics or surveys on these issues. But the figures in Germany, on the other hand, are alarming – where child marriage is concerned above all. Just in July (2016) the records of the foreign nationals registration office showed 316 children under 14 years of age who were stated to be married. Can you imagine that!

Female circumcision is of course another vastly controversial issue, where women’s and children’s rights are at stake. It is a massive bodily violation to which consent cannot be given, and it is being practiced here, in secret. Either the families find doctors, here in Europe or Austria, who are prepared to do it, or the girls are sent back to their home country, where the circumcision is carried out. Or again, the circumcisers are flown in to perform the operation. And of course all this should be subject to strict penal sanctions, and people should have to face the consequences – more than is the case today!

What strikes me personally in the street is the fact that more and more women are wearing the headscarf. And that these women and girls are getting younger all the time. Islam actually dictates that girls do not have to veil themselves until they reach puberty. But now six-year-old girls are being forced to wear the headscarf. And what I find particularly absurd is that some niqab shops even sell headscarves for two-year-olds. It can be observed that more and more Islamic customs are penetrating our culture, and what is more are actually being tolerated. More and more concessions are being made to the Islamic associations and Islamic society. For instance, in kindergartens and schools pork has been taken off the menu.

Violations of human rights are being accepted under the cloak of religious freedom – this is relevant to the circumcision of girls. The circumcision of boys is also dubious. This last week in Steiermark, at the Islamic sacrificial festival, we saw dozens of sheep illegally slaughtered in the fields without being stunned. These brutal rituals which violate the law, violate animal rights, violate our moral ideas, should simply be banned and subject to consistent penal sanctions.

You have said that these things ought to be banned. Well, in fact it is the case that halal slaughter and child marriages are clearly forbidden by law in Europe. But there have been cases too where the Sharia has found its way into legislation. Can you tell us something about this?

Well, if children are getting married in the anteroom of the mosque, this unfortunately is something we can’t control. Here the state is powerless. At the same time, we have increasing numbers of refugees’ children coming into the country who are married already. The question is, how does the legal system deal with it? And the authorities are very divided on this issue – on the one hand they want to protect the family as a unit, on the other the child bride too needs to be protected against the very much older husband. It may be stated here that girls are often sold to very old men, who pay money for the wedding. An absurd example of this was the recent judgment by the Bamberg Higher Regional Court in Germany, which found that the marriage between a 14-year-old Syrian girl and a cousin 7 years older was valid, because the marriage had taken place under civil law in Syria and so was legally effective. But I see a problem here, in that it makes the Sharia legally acceptable, allows it to infiltrate. Many of the terrorists in Germany and France did not act directly on the orders of IS. Admittedly IS claimed to have been responsible in retrospect, but all the same it would be fair to say that they were just individual perpetrators.

The specific feature of political Islam is that it doesn’t have a clergy. Every Muslim prays directly to Allah and is guided by Allah. And the Koran explicitly orders them to engage in the jihad, that is the fight against the unbelievers. So I don’t need to have a big terrorist organization behind me, I don’t need a network. I can just read the Koran myself and follow Allah’s call. And IS actually puts across this message very effectively. Hollywood-style videos are being put online which show the heroic and glorious struggle with the unbelievers, and so motivate young men to go to war against the infidel.

The next problem, then, is the imams who preach in the mosques. There are a great many hate preachers, most of whom have been shipped in from Turkey or Saudi Arabia of course, who proclaim the battle with the unbelievers and urge jihad. And here you don’t need to have a clear order from IS, from Syria or Iraq, any individual can just radicalize himself. We’ve seen it happen – the terrorists in France, for example, who cut the priest’s throat in the church. The Koran says: "When you meet unbelievers, smite off their heads and go on smiting until you have made a bloodbath of them." So radicalization happens of its own accord. The Koran is a manual of terror and intolerance.

In your view, is there a connection between the increasing number of Islamic terrorist acts in Europe, and the current refugee crisis?

To some extent. I think radical Islam has put itself out there through the creation of Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. It has established a monument to itself by founding this caliphate. Their self-confidence has increased, they are to some extent independent, and this means that an outstretched hand reaching towards Europe is just the logical consequence. And now with the refugee crisis, the chaos that prevails in Europe, these open borders, this decision-making vacuum, IS has just seized the chance to smuggle jihadists into Europe as well. We must also bear in mind that thousands of refugees – registered or unregistered – have quite simply gone underground. Of course not every single one of them is a terrorist. But Europe has definitely lost control, because it doesn’t know who is actually here.

Another direct connection between the refugee crisis and the terror attacks in Europe consists in the fact that some of the perpetrators in France and in Bataclan actually came into Europe via the Balkans. A Syrian refugee blew himself up in Ansbach. And just this week, another three Syrian refugees have been arrested in Germany because they were planning terrorist attacks. Ironically enough, they were actually showpiece refugees. – So there is a direct connection certainly.

And do you think that politicians in Austria, or for that matter in Europe, have been taking effective measures against terrorists or potential terrorists?

Well, here in Austria we have been relatively lucky, in that we have been spared any major attacks. There was the incident in Graz, where a driver, a Muslim man who admitted his guilt, ran down three people with a vehicle and injured dozens, and his act was played down by politicians and the media – they said it was the isolated act of a person with psychological problems. It’s a different picture in Germany, Great Britain and France, however, where there have been really brutal attacks. In my opinion people there showed an excellent reaction in the circumstances, it was good crisis management, when I think how the police responded to the rogue sniper in Munich. But here in Austria I have to say that I feel an effective strategy of terror prevention is lacking. I think the government needs to take up a more definite position in order to give citizens better reassurance that they are protected.

What would you like to see, in concrete terms, from Austrian or European politicians – what would need to be done if in the long term we want to be masters of the situation?

I would like people finally to start calling a spade a spade. We have a problem. The Koran is a manual of terror and intolerance, and Islam is irreconcilable with democracy and human rights. And these things need to be talked about. Then we will be in a better position to try to find solutions. I am happy in this context to quote Wilhelm Busch, who said: "Tolerance is a good thing, but not tolerance of the intolerant." And here it would be a first step in the right direction to ban the "Lies" campaign1) whereby the Koran in the Salafist version is being disseminated. Salafist ideas should not be tolerated any longer. We also need stricter laws. Anyone who comes here as an asylum seeker, as a refugee, must accept these laws. Those who violate them have no right to protection. In my view the Islamic associations and the mosques should be subject to more stringent controls. States need to know what is happening on their sovereign territory. We shouldn’t allow Turkey and Saudi Arabia to send over imams who popularize this kind of ideology. We need to know who is funding these operations. I would also call for better equipment and better working conditions for the police. Staffing levels should be significantly topped up. And the military, the federal armed forces, should no longer be pared down to the point of extinction. So here the government needs to take up a definite position, to give a signal in the direction of security and self-defense.

Thank you so much for talking to us.

My pleasure



1)Lies’ means ’Read’ in German. Under the auspices of this campaign, radical Muslims have been distributing an extreme version of the Koran in order to popularize their own fanatical (Salafist) ideology.