Table 14 – The Great Tribulation – classified by events. (LANDSCAPE)

Seal #1:  The man of lawlessness / 2, 3, 4, 5: The beginning of the birth pangs / 6: The Rapture

Begin Day of wrath
< 1st seal >
(Rev 6:1-2;)

White horse: rider has a
bow. A crown is given
to him, he goes out con-
quering and to conquer.
< 2nd seal >
(Rev 6:3-4;)

Red horse: takes peace
from the earth. A great
sword is given to him,
men slay one another
< 3rd seal >
(Rev 6:5-6;)

Black horse: a pair of
scales in his hand, wheat
and barley expensive but
oil and wine not damaged.
< 4th seal >
(Rev 6:7-8;)

Ashen horse: Death, and
Hades follow. Authority
over 1/4 of the earth, wild
beasts, famine, pestilence
< 5th seal >
(Rev 6:9-11;)

Underneath of the altar:
martyrs call for judgment.They wear a white robe, rest until their brethren are killed too
< 6th seal >
(Rev 6:12-17;)

Great earthquake: sun is
black, moon is like blood,
stars fall, sky is rolled up,
mountains, islands moved

< 7th> seal >
(Rev 8:1-6;)

Silence in heaven 1/2 hour
Incense on the altar
7 angels with 7 trumpets
thunder, sounds, lightning
The two witnesses of God prophesy for twelve hundred and sixty days clothed in sackcloth (?)

< 1st trumpet >
(Rev 8:7;)

Hail, fire, mixed with blood
1/3 of the earth burned up
1/3 of the trees burned up
all green grass burned up
< 2nd trumpet >
(Rev 8:8-9;)

Mountain burning falls into
sea, 1/3 of the sea blood
1/3 of sea-creatures died
1/3 of ships destroyed
< 3rd trumpet >
(Rev 8:10-11;)

Torch-star from heaven
1/3 of rivers wormwood
1/3 of springs worm-
wood, many men died.
< 4th trumpet >
(Rev 8:12-13;)

Sun, moon, stars:
1/3 of them darkened
for 1/3 of the day
and 1/3 of the night
< 5th trumpet / 1stwoe >
(Rev 9:1-12;)

Star with the key of the pit:
smoke darkens the sun,
locusts hurt only the men
without the seal for 5 months.
< 6th trumpet / 2ndwoe >
(Rev 9:13-21;)

Angels from Euphrates:
fire smoke and brimstone killed 1/3 of mankind, the rest
of mankind did not repent.

< 7th trumpet / 3rdwoe >
(Rev 11:15-19;)

World's kingdom is God's.
God's wrath has come.
Time for judging the dead.
Thunder, sounds, lightning
The day of the wrath of God - The Antichrist: His rising / Death of the 2 witnesses / The nations tread Jerusalem under foot

<a7th trp>
< 1st bowl >
(Rev 16:1-2;)

Poured out on the earth:
a loathsome, malignant
sore on people who
had the mark of the beast.
< 2nd bowl >
(Rev 16:3;)

Poured out into the sea:
becomes blood like that of
a dead man, every living
thing in the sea died.
< 3rd bowl >
(Rev 16:4-7;)

Into rivers and springs: the waters became blood. They poured out blood of saints: they now have blood to drink
< 4th bowl >
(Rev 16:8-9;)

Poured out upon the sun:
men scorched with heath
they blasphemed the name
of God and did not repent.
< 5th bowl >
(Rev 16:10-11;)

On the throne of the beast:
kingdom became darkened,
men have pain blasphemed
God and did not repent.
< 6th bowl >
(Rev 16:12;)

On the river Euphrates:
its water was dried up so
the way is prepared for
the kings from the east.

< 7th bowl >
(Rev 16:17-21;)

Poured out upon the air: light- ning, sounds, thunder great earthquake as never before, no islands, no mountains


<a7th bwl>

The returned Antichrist: death of the two witnesses

a6th sel
after 6th seal
(Rev 7:1-17;)
No harm to earth, sea and
trees, until the 144'000
are sealed. Those out of
the Great Tribulation
before the throne. The
Lamb will guide them to
springs of water of live.
God will wipe every tear
from their eyes
a6th trp
after 6th trumpet
(Rev 10:1-11; 11:1-14;)
A mighty angel in a
cloud. At the sound of
the 7th trumpet the
mystery of God is
finished. There will
be delay no longer. The
two witnesses will be
killed by the beast.
Earthquake in Jerusalem
a7th trp
after 7th trumpet
(Rev 12:1-17; 13:1-18; 14:1-20; 15:1-8;)
The woman and the dragon, the fall of Satan and his angels.
The beast out of the sea overcomes the saints.
Antichrist and false prophet: the dominion of the two beasts.
The Lamb and the 144'000 standing on Mount Zion.
Three angels: gospel, judgment has come, Babylon is fallen. Blessed who dies
Beginning of the judgment, the Son of Man reaps the earth.
Those who had been victorious over the beast and its image sing Moses' song
The 7 angels with the 7 bowls of the wrath of God.
No one was able to enter the temple until the 7 plagues were finished.
a6th bwl
after 6th bowl
(Rev 16:13-16;)
Satan, Antichrist and
false prophet send spirits
of demons performing
signs to the kings of the
whole world to gather
them together for the war
on the great Day of God to
the place which is called

a7th bwl
after 7th bowl
(Rev 17:1-18; 18:1-24;)
The fall of Babylon
(Rev 19:1-21; 20:1-15;)
Battle of Armageddon
Antichrist and the false
prophet in the lake of fire
Judgment 1st Resurrection
Last fight, Last Judgment
(Rev 21:1-27; 22:1-21;)
The New Creation

(See also Discourse 48: Sequence and Duration of events in the Last Days.)