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145 The convoluted path of the Antichrist to world domination. 2021-08-31
144 The "Israel of God" in Galatians 6,16: Israel or the Church of Crist? 2021-01-21
143 Shavuot: Has Israel broken its covenant with God? 2020-05-26
142 The Messianic Jews, Jewish religion and Christian faith. 2020-05-01
141 Creation strikes back – an interpretation of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. 2020-03-01
140 The background of the murder of the Jewish Messiah Jesus from Nazareth. 2020-02-01
139 When worldly literates quote the Bible. 2020-01-01
138 The events at the second coming of the Son of God. 2019-11-01
137 The biblical-Christian faith. 2019-07-01
136 The message of God. 2019-06-01
135 The refutation of a rapture before the Great Tribulation. 2019-04-01
134 Climate change – the triggering event of the Great Tribulation?. 2019-02-01
133 The fourth world kingdom of Daniel in our times – an astonishing discovery. 2018-10-01
132 Biblical Christianity and its Jewish Messiah (= Greek Christos / the Anointed One). 2018-06-01
131 Judaism and its view of Jesus the Christ (= Hebrew mashiach, Messiah / the anointed one). 2018-03-21
129 The true and the false forgiveness of sins. 2018-03-21
128 The real extraterrestrials who rule our world. 2018-01-01
127 Will the Antichrist be a Moslem? 2017-11-01
126 Are all religions equal? – the position of Biblical Christianity. 2017-07-01
125 Fishing for donations with falsified biblical quotations. 2017-06-01
124 Is the doctrine of the Bible a fiction? 2017-01-01
1232 The islamization of Europe. 2016-12-01
123 The Prophet Muhammad, the Koran, the Bible and true Christianity. 2016-12-01
122 Still 224 years to the Millennium. 2016-11-01
121 Christianity: an interpolation in the history of God with Israel 2016-04-01
120 The parable of the tares among the wheat and the sons of the kingdom. 2016-03-01
119 In spite of penitence, has God not forgiven our sins? 2015-10-09
118 Happy Christmas with haloes of hypocrisy! 2014-12-01
117 Christian Baptism in the light of the Bible. 2014-09-01
116 Pantheism – does God manifest himself in his entire creation? 2014-01-01
1152 The Pope’s sermon on Lampedusa: "Where is your brother?" 2013-07-14
115 Will the last Pope be the false prophet of the Antichrist? 2013-03-01
114 The battle against invisible worlds for an Europe on a Christian ground? 2012-09-01
1133 How and why the Great Tribulation begins: "The beginning of birth pangs".       not new, but up to date 2014-07-01
1132 Does the Bible predict the chaos of the civil war in Syria in the end time? 2012-10-01
113 Do the acts of war in Syria have a prophetic background? 2012-06-15
1122 The Protocols of the Elders of Zion - the text of the 24 Protocols 2012-04-06
112 The Protocols of the Elders of Zion - the Analysis 2012-03-01
1114 The teaching of the Messianic Jews - the Analysis. 2013-10-01
1113 Christians defend the Gospel against the "friends of Israel" 2013-09-01
1112 Is Jesus at work to fulfill his promises in Israel? 2013-09-01
1111 God's covenants, by Jacob Damkani. 2013-10-01
111 The pseudo-Christian betrayal of the Israelites 2012-02-01
110 The latent hatred of Christians in the USA 2012-01-01
109 Babylon the Great - the Global High Finance? 2011-10-22
108 Who or what still restrains the Antichrist? 2011-10-01
1072 Is the Trinity only an action of God in three persons? 2012-06-01
107 The denial of the Trinity, the false Catholic teaching and the true Biblical Trinity 2011-09-01
106 The false teachings in the Christian congregations. 2011-08-01
105 Why should an Atheist believe in the God of the Bible? 2011-07-01
1042 Are all governments of the world ordained by God? 2011-04-01
104 What is the point of life? 2011-02-01
103 God’s New Covenant with all human beings. 2010-11-01
102 Evangelization tourism to Israel. 2010-09-01
1016 The Foundation of the State of Israel in 1948 prophesied in the Old Testament! 2013-01-01
1015 Shema Yisrael ‒ Hear, O ISRAEL:  the judgment of God on his people. 2010-08-01
1014 The Jewish Anti-Defamation-League rewrites the New Testament. 2010-07-01
1013 Report from the camp of the "Israel movement". 2010-06-01
1012 Looking up the biblical quotations of th "friends of Israel" in the Bible. 2013-01-26
1011 The "Mitternachtsruf" ["Call at Midnight"] – a call in the wrong direction? 2013-12-01
101 The "Israel movement" in the Christian congregations - Christian-evangelical Zionism, 2010-04-01
100 Johannes Calvin: True and False Predestination. 2010-12-01
99 Who is "even the least of these brothers of Mine" in Mt 25:40? 2009-12-20
98 The fifth kingdom in the dream of Nebuchadnezzar: America? 2009-07-01
97 Raising and Resurrection - the realities of an other dimension. 2009-03-01
96 Why believe? 2008-12-01
95 Blessed are they who did not see, and yet believed. 2010-01-27
94 The Kingdom of God and its heirs. 2008-08-01
93 The Reign of the Antichrist and Love among People. 2008-03-01
92 The Lord’s Supper: A Memorial Meal or a Transubstatiation? 2008-01-01
91 Interreligious Ecumenism: Are the Religions Merely Different Paths to Salvation? 2007-12-01
90 The Flood: Were 40 Days and Nights too Short for a Global Flood? 2007-11-01
89 BENEDICT XVI: The Jewish and Catholic View of Jesus of Nazareth. 2007-10-01
88 David Pawson and the Interpretation of the End-Time Events. 2007-07-01
872 The Turin Shroud - The picture of the body on the Turin Shroud is not explicable. 2011-12-20
87 The Turin Shroud. 2007-04-01
862 18 Arguments for Placing Rapture before the Great Tribulation - and their Refutation 2007-01-31
86 The first and the second Antichrist 2007-02-05
85 True and false rebirth 2006-08-03
84 ProChrist: opportunity or risk? 2006-03-03
83 Is the omniscience of God a contradiction of human free will? 2006-12-30
82 Is belief in the Trinity necessary for salvation? 2006-01-01
810 Intelligent design 2006-01-19
81 Intelligent design or evolution? 2006-01-19
80 The souls of the martyrs in Rev 6,9: who are they, and where do they come from? 2005-10-16
79 The brothers and sisters of Jesus - was Mary the "ever virgin"? 2005-10-01
78 The doctrine of the Catholic church and the Bible - a debate. 2005-08-01
77 Mystery, Babylon The Great. 2005-07-01
76 Distinguishing the spirits 2005-06-01
753 Are Christians obliged to love their enemies? - Part 3: the Christian foreign mission 2006-03-01
752 Must Christians love their enemies? - Part 2: The Catholic view of the matter. 2006-03-01
751 Story of my soul - Thérèse of Lisieux. 2006-03-01
75 Must Christians love their enemies? 2005-05-01
74 As the Son of God, was Christ incapable of sinning? 2006-10-30
73 Did the Lord’s command to preach the gospel in Mk 16 only apply to the apostles? 2005-03-01
72 Who are the twenty-four elders in the Revelation of John? 2005-02-01
71 Is the next major event of world history for the faithful the Rapture? 2005-01-01
70 The Spread of the Pentecostal spirit. 2004-12-12
69 Predestination and the chosen. 2005-05-22
68 Do Matthew 24 and 25 not have any reference to the congregation? 2004-10-01
67 Allegorical hermeneutics and the literal interpretation. 2004-09-01
66 Amillennialism: is the Thousand Year Kingdom of Peace a fiction? 2004-08-01
65 The two men in the field (Mt 24,40): who will be taken, and who will be left? 2004-07-01
64 What is the sin against the Holy Spirit? 2004-06-01
63 Conditions of life in the Millennial Kingdom. 2004-05-01
62 When will the names of the righteous be entered in the book of life? 2004-04-01
61 Is the Great Tribulation identical with the Day of the Lord and the Wrath of God? 2004-03-01
60 When should a Christian leave a Church? 2004-02-01
59 What does Scripture really say about the position of a woman in Church? 2004-01-01
58 How can you know if you are saved? 2003-12-01
57 Has the Kingdom of God come long since? 2003-11-01
56 Are Christians who have died already in heaven? 2003-12-26
55 Why does God permit suffering? 2005-03-22
54 Must Jesus give us Christians physical health and material prosperity today? 2003-08-01
53 The war in Iraq: has Babylon fallen? 2003-07-01
52 Can the actions of Mary avert the prophecies of the Bibl for the end-time? 2003-06-10
51 The reception of the Holy Spirit - how does it happen? 2003-06-30
50 The account of Creation in the Bible. 2005-01-26
49 The elect of Mt 24,31:Christian congregation of the Last Days or Israelites? 2002-11-11
48 An alternative view of the sequence of events in the Last Days. 2005-09-12
47 Do the crimes of the Nazis have their origin in the Christian faith? 2003-01-05
462 Palestine: Land without people for people without land? 2006-08-05
46 Statement by Chief Rabbi M. A. Friedmann, Vienna (Austria). 2006-08-05
45 The Great Tribulation as seen by the preterists. 2002-07-01
44 Can faith move mountains? 2002-06-01
43 Comment on the campaign "Power for Living" by pastor Thomas Gandow. 2002-05-15
42 The quiet withdrawal of Christians from churches and congregations. 2002-05-01
41 The stubbornness of Israel in the past and at the present day. 2002-04-01
40 Are there errors in the Bible? 2002-11-16
39 The signs of the Last Days. 2002-02-01
38 What awaits Christians and Jews on the Second Coming of the Lord? 2002-01-01
37 The way of the Christian, illustrated by the example of the apostle Peter. 2001-12-01
36 Is Islam a peaceful religion? 2004-03-27
353 The preterist approach: have the Last Days already occurred? - Part 3 2005-03-30
352 The preterist approach: have the Last Days already occurred? - Part 2 2003-03-30
35 The preterist approach: have the Last Days already occurred? 2003-03-11
34 The inspiration of the Bible and the literal interpretation. 2001-09-01
33 Criteria and Information for assessment of the "Toronto Benediction". 2001-08-01
32 Commentary on the manifesto "Dominus Jesus" of the Catholic Congregation of Faith. 2001-07-01
31 Reader's commentary on Excursuses 01, 02 and 03. 2001-06-16
30 Why did Jesus have to die on the cross? 2004-04-16
29 Are we living in the Last Days? 2008-09-01
28 Where are the living believers for the Rapture coming from? 2001-04-08
27 God's plan. 2001-04-01
263 The Trinity: an unbiblical concept? - Part 3 2005-03-30
262 The Trinity: an unbiblical concept? - Part 2 2005-03-30
26 The Trinity: an unbiblical concept? 2002-06-10
25 Quantum mechanics and the proximity of the kingdom of heaven 2003-01-06
24 The divinity of Jesus Christ and the power of faith. 2001-02-01
23 Commentary on the "Manual for Hermeneutics". 2001-01-14
22 Is there such a thing as the immortality of the soul? 2001-01-10
21 The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 2001-01-04
20 The Antichrist: the first or the second beast from Rev 13? 2001-04-06
19 The Judgment upon the Nations: an event before or after the Millennium? 2000-12-02
18 Forgiveness: God’s and the Christian’s business? 2005-09-27
17 The course of world history: acid test for the interpretation of the prophetic Word? 2000-10-09
16 Will the Rapture take place before the Great Tribulation? 2000-10-03
15 Who is the "Bride of the Lamb"? 2004-02-18
14 Do we, as the congregation, occupy a much higher position than John the Baptist? 2000-09-07
13 Which world empires do the 7 (or 8) heads (or kings) of Revelation 17 represent? 2000-08-16
12 Must the congregation of the Last Days seek out a place of refuge for Rapture? 2000-08-11
11 The doctrine of Universal Reconciliation: an exit route, or a blind alley? 2002-02-02
10 The General Resurrection at the end of the world: only for the ungodly? 2000-07-25
09 The Great Tribulation: an affliction of the faithful, or of the whole world? 2000-07-25
08 The gathering of Israel: already since 1948 or not to happen until the Last Days? 2006-12-02
07 The Rapture and the First Resurrection: a single event? 2004-11-17
06 The 144,000 who were sealed: Israelites, or the congregation of the Last Days? 2000-07-25
05 The parallel course of events of Mt 24 and Rev 6 and 7. 2000-07-25
04 The two witnesses: Mose and Elijah? 2007-01-27
03 The fate of the cursed: eternal torment or dissolution? 2006-05-24
02 Earthly and heavenly Jerusalem. 2000-07-13
01 The Millennium and the New Creation. 2000-07-13