Discourse 1113 – Christians defend the Gospel against the "Friends of Israel"

Christians defend the Gospel against the "Friends of Israel" / Hannelore Weitzel 00, 2010-05-02

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The following letter to Dr. Jürgen Bühler, Chairman of the German branch of ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem) and of "Christen an der Seite Israels e.V." ["Christians in Support of Israel, Regd. Assn."] was composed by the responsible head of "Internationales Netzwerk der Versöhnung e.V." ["International Network of Reconciliation"], Hannelore Weitzel. Ms. Weitzel was herself involved with the Israel movement years ago, and has now realized that that Israel’s Zionistic politics is furthering immigration of Jews from all over the world – an immigration paid for by Christians – in order to increase its own population, and so counter the rapid population growth of the Palestinians in Israel. She writes as follows:

"I was deeply convinced myself at the time that Israel was the only place where God wanted to have the Jews so that HE could save them. That the land of Israel was the only place for them to live, because Israel has a claim to it (a biblical claim, be it said), and that Jesus could ONLY save them there and that Israel was the only place where HE would do it. This, after all, was what we had been told, this was what we had been taught based on Old Testament scriptures from Isaiah and other books of holy scripture. Only as a result of a drastic loss in my own life and thanks to the grace of GOD did I finally understand – as a result of my own research over the years into the Word of God, with a great deal of effort and ONLY through the help of various wonderful brethren and biblical teachers – the nature of this deception of the Last Days that has taken place in the congregation. Unless we understand this and convert, there will be a disaster which we will never be able to recover from! GOD be gracious to us.  --   H. Weitzel".

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(Christians defend the Gospel against the "Friends of Israel" / Hannelore Weitzel, i-n-d-v [International Network of Reconciliation], 2013-08-08)

Dear Mr. Bühler1),

Today I again received your journal with all the information you are always issuing about the things that are happening in the work you do.

The thing motivating me to write to you today is the following:

 "The Jewish Agency2) has requested ICEJ to support the repatriation of the last Ethiopian Jews."

For some years this aliyah3) from the Christian side has been a considerable burden on my heart, on my conscience. In the years 1997 to 2002 it was our task to start a work of reconciliation in Poland, in order to bring before God the complicit guilt of Christians in remaining silent about the holocaust in the Third Reich. We were able to hold penitential conferences on this theme in Poland and in Germany. We promised to God that we would never again keep silent if we were to see that something like this could recur.

We are still committed to this promise. We also thought at the time that Jews should be brought to Israel. We "believed" in the "vision" of Steve Lightle4)! We thought we were only permitted to "conduct a dialog" with the Jews – that was what people told us. But then all at once GOD spoke! What we did not know at that time, in the years from 1997 to 2001, was that Operation Exodus, Exodus, and many others including your own organization had been obliged to sign a contractual agreement with the state of Israel, or with the Jewish Agency, involving the promise NOT to say anything about JESUS CHRIST!

So they were only able to do this work, and are able to continue it today, because they have been obliged to leave the SON OF GOD out of the picture. With this "contractual alliance", an accommodation with the state of Israel which involves meeting its demands, you and they have clearly invalidated the great commission given to the congregation by JESUS CHRIST himself (see Matth. 28, 18-20).

An alliance has been entered into which lies outside the gospel. An alliance, a contract signed with "death". Through this action the door has been closed on the gospel by the Christian organizations and GOD spoke to us about it, saying that these people are now sitting in a "religious trap"! These Jews have been brought by Christians to a country, without having heard from them about their MESSIAH.

In the year 2001, after I and others had been privileged to work for more than four years in Poland and Germany, on my last trip the Spirit of GOD showed me how the work of Operation Exodus looks – and it looks as if Jews being brought to Israel by this Christian organization, and so equally by the other organizations mentioned above, are in fact being brought into the judgment of GOD! This was what I said at the time to the directors of Operation Exodus in Germany, and I am saying it again now to you and your organization. I cannot any longer reconcile it with my conscience before GOD if I do not let you know as well.

I am writing for one reason: if the above organizations have been obliged to sign these agreements, then your organization has done so as well, otherwise you would not have permitted to carry on any activities whatever in this direction! No Christian organization would have been able to bring Jews to Israel from all over the world if they had said, "No, we will not deny OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST!" They had the choice! Israel is a state that aims to be Jewish, that asserts its right that people there shall not be allowed to evangelize, but it is willing to receive help from us as Christians for bringing Jewish people to the country.

We have done penance for the fact that the church kept silent when the Jews were deported, for the fact that the church did NOT preach the gospel, for the forgiveness of sins. We have done penance because Hitler was able to do such mischief to people of the Jewish faith. We have given warning of the consequences of the present aliyah under the above circumstances. Now we no longer wish to remain silent, because GOD still wants to give us time for penance and conversion and is still able to do so, even with these mistaken courses to do with the aliyah.

You all know the Word of God and what it tells us, that as we sow, so shall we reap! If now the Son of God has been rejected by Christian leaders, just for the sake of bringing Jews to Israel in the past and in the present, we need to think seriously about the consequences. May the LORD preserve us from a judgment for the rejection of his Son! – whatever the future may hold in store.

One thing is certain: unless we convert from this error and do penance, if we do not understand what has been perpetrated here and what it is likely to bring for people in Israel and the entire Middle East, if we do not recognize what has really happened here on the spiritual plane, we will still have to reckon with the spiritual consequences.

I am writing all this out of love for the Jews and for those who are organizing this aliyah! May GOD yet give them grace to hear and to convert.


Hannelore Weitzel,

Internationales Netzwerk der Versöhnung e.V. [International Network of Reconciliation, Regd. Assn.]



The pseudo-Christian betrayal of the Israelites      -   Part 1 Discourse 111

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1) Dr. Jürgen Bühler is International Director of ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem). In this capacity he is responsible for the coordination of more than 50 branches of the organization worldwide. At the same time he also functions as director of the German branch of ICEJ and is a member of the management board of the "King of Kings" congregation in Jerusalem. Alongside these activities he is a Christian preacher, gives lectures and writes books on the interpretation of the Old Testament. He and his wife Vesna have been living in Israel since 1994. They have three young sons. Before taking up his position at ICEJ, the physicist from Heidenheim, Germany, had acquired his doctorate in chemistry at the Weizmann Institute in Rechovot, Israel.

2) Jewish Agency – the official immigration organization of the state of Israel.

3) Aliyah (the Hebrew word means "repatriation") – In many Christian congregations in Germany the "Israel Movement" (Evangelical Christian Zionism) has succeeded in establishing itself. This is an organization which has set itself the aim, under the auspices of a campaign known as the "aliyah", of bringing Jews to Israel from Russia and other nations, with the help and financial support of members of Christian congregations. In so doing they are responding to the call of Steve Lightle (see here below).

Steve Lightle – an American from Seattle, Washington, who announced that he had received a vision from the Lord in 1974 about the repatriation of Jews from the USSR.