Table 09 – God’s plan of salvation and its effects on Creation.(LANDSCAPE)

Table 09 – God’s plan of salvation and its effects on Creation.(LANDSCAPE)

Three phases and
ten sections

The day of salvation and
the time of grace

The day of vengeance and the
favorable year of the LORD

The end of the world and
the New Creation

The fights

The Battle in heaven
Rev 12:7
The Battle of Armageddon
Rev 19:11-19
The Last Fight
Rev 20:7-10

The conqueror

Michael and his angels conquer
Satan and his angels
Rev 12:8
Jesus Christ and his army in
heaven defeat Satan and Antichrist
Rev 19:20-21
The LORD and the host of heaven
conquer Satan and his hosts
Rev 20:9

The loser

Satan and his angels are thrown from heaven
to earth
Rev 12:9;  Lk 10:18
Satan is thrown into the
bottomless pit
Rev 20:1-3
Satan is thrown into the lake
of fire
Rev 20:10

The resurrections

The resurrection of saints
after the death of the Lord
Mt 27:52-53
The First Resurrection of the
Rev 20:4-6
The Universal Resurrection
Rev 20:11-15

The judgments

The judgment: The prince of
this world has been expelled
Jn 12:31
The judgment of wages at the First
Resurrection of the martyrs
Rev 20:4
The Last Judgment -
the harvest is ripe
Rev 20:12-13

The Day of the LORD

The day of God’s mercy. God
becomes man in His son
Lk 2:11
The day of God’s wrath with
plagues, earthquake and fire
Rev 8:1-13;  Rev 9:1-21
The day of the Last Judgment
will be revealed with fire
2Pet 3:7

God creates all new

The sin has been defeated: It
is accomplished
Jn 19:30
The regeneration of heaven
and earth
Rev 16:17-20
The passing away of heaven
and earth
Rev 20:11

The new life

The gospel: The truth brings
salvation for the world
2Thes 2:10
The renewed heaven and the
renewed earth
Heb 12:26-27
The new created heaven and
the new created earth
Rev 21:1

God is with them

The kingdom of the Holy Spirit:
The time of grace – God dwells
in the spirit of the believers
1Cor 3:16
The kingdom of the Son:
The time of peace – God dwells
with men in His temple
Rev 20:6
The kingdom of the Father:
The Eternity – men dwell with
God. No temple any more
Rev 21:22

The spirit of God

God will give the Holy Spirit to
those who ask Him
Lk 11:13
God pours out His Spirit on his
male and female servants
Acts 2:17-18
God’s Spirit dwells in
all of them
Rev 21:3

(See also Chapter 13: "The Last Judgment.")